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Our company's main focus is the development of high-quality, multi-platform games under the licenses of famous writers, or based on reality.   Eligame’s robust offshore development methodology allows us to complete projects on a predictable, low risk path while delivering high quality results. Clients working with us from over the world are assured of maximum benefits from our outsourcing model.

Why us

Eligame studio delivers high-quality 3D-development services at very competitive costs. At our development centers in Minsk and Saigon we focus on offshore outsourcing and game development.  This allows us to scale up rapidly (by leveraging our plentiful supply of talents, and reducing execution time) at costs that are, on average, significantly less expensive than those of India or China.

Why game development with Eligame studio?
Eligame studio is rapidly growing company. The core of its team is comprised of skilled specialists who have participated in several released projects in such genres as racing games, 1st-person shooters, 3rd-person shooters, and sports games.

We are keeping pace with emerging technologies and the latest studies in 3D-games.
Well-arranged staging and project management will keep you constantly informed about your project’s progress.

Why outsource with Eligame studio?
Our customers often require offloading their 3D-animation, 3D-modeling, and video game animation projects to reliable third parties. As a video game-art company, Eligame studio undertakes such projects based on a combination of time, material and fixed rates, or provides clients with designers on a monthly lease.

Attractive cost benefits result from projects that are executed by us at our development centers in Minsk and Saigon. These facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, networking, security and communications.

By utilizing their professional experience and project management skills, our teams provide high quality output and the best value for "development dollars". However, cost reduction is not the only reason why our customers choose to employ our services. Availability of a large development workforce with diverse skills, combined with an in-house quality assurance department, provide our clients with high quality services. Eligame studio undertakes both onsite and offsite development services.

Eligame Studio is part of Elinext Group, a group of custom software development companies www.elinext.com


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